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Magic of the Mouse
Sat. 6/15/24
3 p.m.
Gainesville High School

13150 University Blvd, Gainesville, VA   20155

Summer Camp/class registration opens
March 10!


KanKouran West African Dance Company
Masterclass Sat. July 20,2024
10:00-11:30 a.m.  


 Acro 1,2, Elite & Solo Make-up Pics  Sun. 5/26




Dance Classes

Ages 3 - 18

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a serious student, or if you just want to dance for fun, we offer a wide range of classes and skill levels for children and adults.

Who & where are we?

Prince William Dance Academy, located in the heart of Nokesville, Virginia,  offers everything a young dance student could want...

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...You are truly teaching them more than dance! You are building character! They are learning how to treat one another, how to take corrections, how to win with humbleness, and how to lose with style!  You are providing a safe space to escape from the world ...These young ladies are learning who they are and who they will become and it is very important that there are still good people like you willing to be role models for our girls...

PWDA has such a positive environment!   As a parent for many years in the dance world I can not thank you enough for the warm welcoming, accepting, and nurturing dance space you have provided in the last 4 weeks! So happy she chose to come here and dance. Wish more studios modeled PWDA’s positivity…

I love PWDA because it is a school that builds young talent and makes them into the best dancers in the whole world.  PWDA instructors give a lot of encouragement to their dancers it is a school that sees the positive in every child and believes in them to be great dancers.  I love PWDA because the school has great instructors full of knowledge and experience.  They teach with so much passion and love for their students.  I love PWDA because of their flexible schedules to accommodate all...My daughter loves PWDA and will never stop talking about the school, her instructor (Ms. Kim), and all her friends in class.  Thank you PWDA for giving (my daughter) an opportunity to learn how to be a great dancer.

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