What makes an ideal acro student? One who brings a courageous attitude, and a willingness to endure some bumps and giggles!

Acro 1-Beginner/Intermediate Level- 5-10 yrs

This class will focus on acro basics: forward/backward rolls and all variations, cartwheels and all variations, handstands, drills, bridges, strength, cardio and flexibility, as well as partnering.  Students will work towards kickovers and front and back walkovers. Suggested attire: bratop or leotard with leggings or dance  shorts(no loose clothing or tights) *Ballet or Jazz recommended;

Recommended for PRIDE dancers.

Acro 2 -Intermediate/Advanced- 7 yr+

Pre-requisite for this class is ability to do a kickover.
Students will work strength, cardio and flexibility, walkovers,
handsprings, aerials and a variety of acro dance tricks, as well as partnering.  Students will incorporate conditioning and contortion into their weekly class. Suggested attire: bra top or leotard with leggings or dance shorts(no loose clothing or tights). *Ballet or Jazz recommended;

Recommended for PRIDE dancers.


Warm up, conditioning and practice aerial technique.  Leave your fear at home! You must be fearless to achieve an aerial.Pre-requisite: Ability to do a running cartwheel, roundoff, & 1 handed cartwheel.

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Friendship and support

We encourage our students to mentor and support each other.