It is important that students abide by the studio dress code policy. Dance is a discipline and students are expected to follow the dance studio dress code. Not allowed: baggy shirts, pants, cut-off shorts, denim or midriff tops, sports uniforms.



PWDA  dress code  will require each ballet level to wear a specific leotard color.

We have an online dance store with Revolution Dancewear where you will find the appropriate dress code apparel and shoes for your student. 

Ballet: All classes: pink tights, pink ballet shoes

 1. Revolution Pink, sparkle tutu dress

2.  Petite Combo class (5-7yr), Primary Ballet 1,2

     Revolution Lavender leotard

3.  Ballet 1

     Revolution Soft blue leotard

4.  Ballet 2

     Revolution Royal Blue leotard

5.  Ballet 3+

      Black leotard

Hair must be pulled back and worn in a bun. 

Boys:(Ballet) White T-shirt, black shorts or leggings; black ballet shoes

Jazz/Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical: Wear ; black leggings, black cami/tank top; sports bra;

Jazz: caramel tights, dance shorts, black leggings or corresponding ballet level leotard color or black leo

Jazz: Stretch, slip on style jazz shoe-Revolution -dark tan

Modern/Contemporay: canvas, half soles, tan 

Hip Hop:  Leggings, or corresponding ballet level leotard acceptable; tank top or tee shirt; No jeans,shorts or dresses. Shoes-TBD

Tap:  Wear corresponding level ballet leotard color, dance shorts;leggings,  and top, or caramel or pink tights; 

Shoes-Beg.Tap/Tap 1: Revolution U-Shell, buckle tap,dark tan

Level 2,3,4-Bloch, cuban heel, caramel; Revolution Premium Black jazz tap shoes may also be required (Bloch cuban heel tap shoes not available through our online dancewear boutique.)

Acro/Tumbling/T,T,T:  Leotard, unitard, or appropriate active wear for class; no jeans or shorts.


T,T,T-stretch, slip on jazz shoes; Revolution dark tan

**Revolution brand tights and shoe colors may not match the same color in other brand dancewear. Please ask us for guidance before you purchase a different brand of tights or dance shoes.

Dress Code

Ballet Shoes

Twinkle Star babies, pre-ballet, Petitie combo B/T, primary ballet 1,2-pink, leather full sole ballet shoe;

Ballet Level 1,2,3 -Pink, full or split sole; leather or canvas ballet shoes

Tap shoes

Children/Beg. tap/Tap 1: Revolution, U-shell, buckle tap/dark tan

Tap 2,3: Bloch,ShowStopper,Cuban 1 1/2"  heel tap shoe with buckle/strap; tan color; and Revolution Premium black, jazz tap shoe

Jazz Shoes

All levels-  slip on jazz shoe; Revolution dark tan

Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern- half soles

Hip Hop

consult with instructor

Hair - Short and long hairstyles must be managed so hair does not hang in the face.  Use hair bands, clips, hair spray/gel to securely and neatly manage hair. hair that is not pulled back and managed is a distraction to the dancer and the teacher.

Ballet - Hair must be secured in a bun and away from the face at all times

All other disciplines- a bun or ponytail is acceptable



PWDA has an online dancewear boutique where you can purchase all of your dancer's required dance apparel and shoes! 

Our online storefront has class lists with the assigned dress code for each class.

We have sizing kits for ballet shoes, jazz and hip hop shoes, and children's tap shoes for you to try in the studio.

Sizing charts are available on our dance boutique site to help you determine your best size for leotards and tights.



"Dress like a dancer, dance like a dancer"

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